There is no fairy land


I’ve been a professional horse person for around 30 years now, Ive seen hundreds of horses turn from difficult prospects into enjoyable safe riding partners but Ive never seen it happen with the use of a magic wand.

It’s incredible how many new horse owners think they are purchasing an off the shelf, perfectly behaved, 100% guaranteed, fool proof product, the ideal winged unicorn all the rough edges smoothed with the use of that incredible magic wand.

I re home nearly a hundred horses a year, I encourage new owners to come and ride as many times as they possibly can before taking their new partner home. It’s a bit like dating, often people are infatuated at first sight, but you need to look closer, I like to see them have a couple of quite dates in a safe riding environment to get to know each other, spend some time with me, get to know the family, how did the horse become the person he is today, be involved with the training, learn what buttons do what .Take into account this horses personnel accent and idiosyncrasies, have as many dates as you can before taking the big step and moving in together. You could just speed date, meet him put him on the float and take him home, you could internet date and believe the profile information on the screen.

The long slow get to know you approach is the best but still it’s far from fool proof. Once we get home our little irritating habits start to influence the relationship, if we work through those we can finish up with a lifelong partner but for many unicorn seekers that wart on the nose that started out as a cute horn is just too hard to work with.
If you take a horse home be ready to work through issues, they will arise they always do. Sometimes you may question if the effort you need to apply is worth the outcome.
I have had a horse retuned the day it left because it was “up” in its new environment after spending 6 weeks in a stable ???
I had a horse come back because the owners 6 year old non riding daughter fell off the ex racehorse while riding on the road ???
I had a horse come back because it developed a mystery head tossing disease whenever the new owner hauled on the reigns ???
I had a horse retuned because it got excited when asked to jump 1.2 meters high and 2 meters wide, week one with its new learning to jump rider ???
I could go on. All of these horses found happy committed homes.

I have seen awesome, rewarding results when people take horses, work through the initial familiarisation period and come out the other end with fantastic partnerships, this is how it works!
There are very few winged unicorns, I’m still looking for my first one.

2 thoughts on “There is no fairy land

  1. Kim Jenkins

    Beautifully written Scott. It took a year for my ex racehorse and I to work each other out. Worth every little hiccup along the way when we finally became an inseparable, one minded, match made in heaven. You just can’t buy that relationship, you have to earn it.


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