It’s more than just horses


Recently NSW Governor, General David Hurley and his wife made a visit to inspect the incredible work of Cana farm a new partner of the racing NSW Thoroughbred rehabilitation trust.
Cana farm looks after the well being of vulnerable members of the community, generally those who have been disassociated from Main Stream society for various reasons and need assistance to find their way back.
The thoroughbred retraining program led by Scott Brodie is using the facility as a spelling location for horses going through the retraining process. The clients of Cana have built kilometres of quality fencing on the 40 hectare property at no cost to the retaining program in order to house the spelling horses.
On the property, formerly an orchard, Cana are now levelling land to create a riding area and round yard where some of the clients will be taught to work with horses, some will also volunteer at the state of the art Canterbury head quarters of the thoroughbred re training program. These client once educated and experienced may go on to work in the racing industry.
The Governor and his wife were particularly interested in the racing NSW initiative and paid tribute to the passion of the both the personnel from the thoroughbred rehabilitation trust and the clients and staff of Cana farm. The Governor shared lunch with all and sundry much of the produce for the meal produced on the farm.
Also of particular interest to his excellency was the work of TRT manager Scott Brodie, with ex service personnel suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Many of these ex service people are homeless and in need of urgent assistance. Brodie has linked with defence care and homes for heroes to take veterans to kangaroo valley to work with horses in order to aid their recovery and give them renewed focus, many will also go on to become volunteers with the TRT at Canterbury racecourse with a focus of eventually finding work in the racing industry.
The parallels between racehorses and service people needing help at the end of highly specialised careers was not lost on mrs Hurley who showed particular interest in this personnel initiative of TRP manager Scott Brodie.
Equine assisted learning and therapy is being used around the world to assist people with PTSD “The cedars equine experience” is now up and running to give this opportunity to learn from horses to as many veterans as possible.
The thoroughbred rehabilitation program continues to re train and re home ex racehorses but the far reaching effects of horses on people seem boundless. It definitely more than just horses.
For information on any of the above including making donations, contact
TRT manager Scott Brodie at

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