End of an era


image image image image image imageWith a great deal of sadness I picked up the last two horses from our spelling facility at Glenourie this morning. The Pascoe family most notably Francesca have been awesome supporters of the TRT for three years or so now, giving us a home during the autumn carnival when we had to move out of our facility to make space for the quarantine centre, allowing us to short term spell our horses in work in a safe healthy environment. Francesca a very good horse women, has fed, watered, vetted and kept an eye on our precious charges as though they were her own. All at no cost to the TRT
The facility will be sorely missed as will Francesca and her family .
We shared some lovely cups of tea with her mum and on occasion too many glasses of wine with Fran and her brother Richard. Particularly when they tended to me after I had the end of my finger chopped off in a riding accident, they ferried me to and from the hospital and helped me through my pain with plenty of red.
Thanks so much to the Pascoe’s particularly Fran, one of the most active and involved volunteers of the TRT.

One thought on “End of an era

  1. Hi Scott,
    It sounds like you have had enjoyed a very special relationship with Pascoe family. If you are now looking for somewhere new to agist some horses I’m sure that at School Creek Equestrian, we could help to fill with our great care and a quiet, healthy environment for several of your horses. We run a high quality agistment business on the farm now and would be happy to talk about ways we could help with TRT horses.


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