part 4 re training ex racehorses scott Brodie


This is the first step in teaching the horse to move into the outside reign and hence forward into contact. Stand at the horses shoulder facing his rear legs, holding your lead rope close to the halter. Slightly flex the horse to the inside, toward you, Tap the horse on the outside of the rear cannon bone closest to you. your goal is to have the horse step away from you with his hind quarters putting his inside hind leg forward and under his body. At this point you may find that the horse responds too dramatically this is not unusual, persist, don’t tap too hard, in some horses just a touch will be more than sufficient to achieve the result. Some horses will not respond at all and will need a more firm tap to get them to move that inside leg. It is imperative that the horse respond calmly and obediently to the touch of the whip, this will be important in later sections and is an integral part of the systematic training. Eventually a point of the whip will suffice but be certain that the horse responds well to the touch.

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