Horseman, tough guys and Christians, walking the walk.

Isn’t interesting ? how often people who are not particularly good or effective at what they want to tell us all how good they are?

It drives me crazy how many horse people want to give advice when they really aren’t qualified to do so, I’ve had my advise on things, that have kept me up all night in consideration with 30 years of professional horsemanship behind me, overlooked for some one who has only ever had the one horse or had one when they were a kid or had an uncle who trained race horses, with some spur of the moment comment . It’s always that noisy wheel that seems to get listened to, worse though, we all seem to know it and still get sucked into it.

I’ve grow up in some tough environments I was a cop for 12 years, I’ve been working with prisoners for the last 4, I’ve played professional rugby league for the South Sydney Rabbitohs, I was world police heavyweight boxing champion, I’ve rowed surf boats in massive surf, surf lifesavers regularly put their lives on the line for people in the surf and don’t expect anything in return. I’ve met some tough guys. It’s always struck me that the toughest guys are the ones that don’t tell you how tough they are. That quite unpretentious redhead, always polite and friendly, don’t mess with him, the loudmouth with the fast haircut, tattoos and the big muscles, he’s not the one to worry about.

This might be a bit controversial, I was bought up a catholic, went to catholic school did all the church stuff and I think I learnt some good moral lessons and respect for others. Recently I have been involved with canna farm at orchard hills Canna has Christian origins, it was started by a priest who used to feed homeless people,now they cater for people who have for various reasons been marginalised from society, refugees,homeless people,long term unemployed former prison inmates and drug addicts no one is judged. Now I’ve been to canna,where we now spell horses, maybe 50 times and no one has ever tried to preach to me or tell me why they do what they do, they just do it, there is no holier than thou attitude they just do good Christian stuff for people who need it. While I was there two guys worked their buts of in temperatures of 45degrees to make our horse float safer for the horses to travel on. When they finished they just walked away, no standing around looking for accolades, waiting to be told what a great job they had done, they just wanted to help . I’m uncomfortable these days with all the pomp and ceremony that surrounds traditional religion people like those at Cana are the truly tough guys of the Christian world.


Cana farm walking the walk

It’s interesting isn’t it ? that in most aspects of life those who are good at what they do don’t need to tell you how good they are. They just get on with it.

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