Part 6 retraining the ex racehorse.

Once the halter work has been established and can be carried out without resistance it is time to progress to similar work utilising the bridle.Firstly carry out the same exercises of flexing and bending in both directions and turn on the forehand as carried out with the halter, utilising only the inside reign held close to the bit. This should be easily established if the halter work was correctly carried out, it is important that this is the case as we want to avoid conflict with the bit at all times.

The next step is to take up contact on the outside reign. The outside reign should be running up the outside and over the horses neck and then to the handlers hand, contact should be similar to that which we require when riding a horse of this level, slightly more firm than we would expect of an educated horse in order to make the contact obvious to the horse yet still elastic, Our goal should be to make the outside contact inviting and comfortable for the horse to take. Initially we are responsible for establishing the contact but in time the horse should have as much responsibility as us for maintaining the contact, thus keeping open clear lines of communication. The horse should be gradually invited up to the outside contact by means of our forward driving aids, at this point our voice, our position, our energy levels and our whip.

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