1st rate horse welfare man gets 2nd

So bill Adam one of our trainers received the honour of being named runner up in the Gadolphin Darley national stud and stable hand awards for “thoroughbred care and welfare”.Bill has been with the Thorougbred rehabilitation trust since it started 4 years ago he has personally had a part in every horse that has entered the program, around 300. Bill has become an expert at starting horse off the track, his anatlitacal ability has been a very important element in our re training program. Bill has become a great mentor for volunteers and staff alike now taking on responsibility of training trainers.

Bill has been a great partner in this journey his loyalty is beyond question, if I asked him to drive from Sydney to Muswellbrook in the middle of the night I have no doubt he would do it, there is no limit to his commitment to the cause.

All I can say is, the girl that won the award must be exceptional, if she is doing more for horse welfare than my good friend Bill Adam, we need more like her.image

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