Between fist and spur


Knuckles white and shining spur,
Why won’t you relax you cur ?
You just can’t seem to do it.
The mongrel he’s had every chance
And all he does is jib and dance
Or sort of kangaroo it.

I push him forward with two whips
But all I get is sideways skips
I just can’t understand.
My fingers they begin to ache
He’s weaving froward like a snake
And though his breedings grand.

If I can’t sort this problem out
Of to the doggers there’s no doubt
And it won’t be much longer.
I’m holding him with all my might
And still he’s falling to the right
His pull is getting stronger.

My legs are jammed with vice like grip
I’m cramping through my weary hip
I dare not leave them resting.
Or he’d reverse at gallop speed
Amphetamines I think I need
My stamina he’s testing.

My reins are threatening to snap
But I cannot afford to nap
Or through the wall I’m going.
If I eased up my grip at all
Upon his nose I’m sure he’d fall
Perhaps my sport is rowing.

His grandad won Olympic gold
Must be the black sheep of the fold
A throwback in the breeding.
His confirmations not in doubt
And can’t he move himself about
But still he’s not worth feeding.

Now running free, perfectly fine
His movements not short of Divine
He’s elegant and graceful.
His image does emotion stir but
Bridled between fist and spur
The performance is disgraceful

Scott brodie

Horses From Courses
by Scott Brodie

Available for purchase on Apple iBooks, Google Books, Amazon Kindle, Kobo and other online ebook vendors.

Every year thousands of Thoroughbred ex-racehorses, often referred to as OTTB, (off-the-track thoroughbreds) retire from the racing industry, their future uncertain. Many well-meaning horse enthusiasts seek to take these horses and retrain them for sport and recreational purposes.

This book takes the accumulated experience and knowledge of horse trainer Scott Brodie—Manager of the NSW Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust and re trainer of hundreds of ex-racehorses—and allows the novice trainer to tap into this valuable source of information previously unattainable for the average horse enthusiast.

Scott Brodie author of Horses From Courses is Manager of the RacingNSW Thoroughbred Retraining Program. A NSW Mounted Police horse trainer and classically trained rider, Scott has a has a generously empathetic philosophy to handling horses and a unique spin on the retraining of retired racehorses. Utilising a surprisingly smooth synergy of natural horsemanship and the practical application of classical dressage, Scott’s systematic approach to this often difficult and dangerous endeavour ensures the smoothest and fairest transition for the horse from racing machine to a pleasurable riding partner.

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