The thoroughbred , the breed for every need




If you want to go to the Olympics for dressage get a Warmblood.



If you want to Compete at the world cutting championships get a stock horse or quarter horse.



For polo you’ll need a polo pony,




endurance an Arab, maybe you just want to trail ride and you just want to be a passenger, some half draft mixture might be good.




Eventing you need an all rounder, the Thoroughbred is the supreme all rounder he can compete at the highest level in any of of the afor mentioned disciplines. Australian equestrianism has, since its arrival on the world equestrian stage in Stockholm in 1956, largely ridden on the back of the Australian thoroughbred.




Australia has over time become a power house in the eventing world and thoroughbreds have featured prominently in its success. As we here in Australia crave every new and exotic breed to come out of Europe the Europeans are treasuring the Australian thoroughbred as the horse of the moment.
Recently whilst interviewing the great Olympian Bill roycroft shortly before his death, he stressed to me that unless a horse was thoroughbred or 9/10 so, it would struggle at the top level of eventing, Bill as with many Australia Olympic heroes have relied on horses retired from the racing industry to take them to top competition.


Bill roycroft on “our solo” thoroughbred

If you are a really serious competitor If you want to go to the Olympics for dressage get a Warmblood.( or a thoroughbred)
If you are a weekend warrior going out to enjoy your horse sports consider the thoroughbred. He is capable of adjusting to any sport if you are a good enough horse person. He is cheap and available, maybe you will need some help to get him re started but if you find the right one you won’t be sorry. Spend the $20,ooo you were going to spend on the Warmblood on lessons you will be way better off.
Thoroughbreds the breed for every need.

Horses From Courses
by Scott Brodie

Available for purchase on Apple iBooks, Google Books, Amazon Kindle, Kobo and other online ebook vendors.

Every year thousands of Thoroughbred ex-racehorses, often referred to as OTTB, (off-the-track thoroughbreds) retire from the racing industry, their future uncertain. Many well-meaning horse enthusiasts seek to take these horses and retrain them for sport and recreational purposes.

This book takes the accumulated experience and knowledge of horse trainer Scott Brodie—Manager of the NSW Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust and re trainer of hundreds of ex-racehorses—and allows the novice trainer to tap into this valuable source of information previously unattainable for the average horse enthusiast.

Scott Brodie author of Horses From Courses is Manager of the RacingNSW Thoroughbred Retraining Program. A NSW Mounted Police horse trainer and classically trained rider, Scott has a has a generously empathetic philosophy to handling horses and a unique spin on the retraining of retired racehorses. Utilising a surprisingly smooth synergy of natural horsemanship and the practical application of classical dressage, Scott’s systematic approach to this often difficult and dangerous endeavour ensures the smoothest and fairest transition for the horse from racing machine to a pleasurable riding partner.

One thought on “The thoroughbred , the breed for every need

  1. Jen

    Love this. Especially “Spend the $20,ooo you were going to spend on the Warmblood on lessons you will be way better off.” yes I did this, sorted out my seat, my riding, and brought a whole new lease of life to an OTTB who had been idling in a paddock for 4 years. Yes, buying a school master would have been easier. For a little while. Then my lacking riding skills would have eventually ruined that horse too. No one can recognise my boy, and me upon him, after a year of working together. And we’ve both learned skills we’ll have forever. Going to buy Scott’s book for my xmas read.


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