“The fairytale that became a nightmare”

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young racehorse he was purchased by horseman who was a racehorse trainer. He didn’t cost much because he hadn’t been very successful. The trainer saw something in him and believed he could get the best out of him.

Horses are expensive to keep, trainers often pass the cost onto owners by selling the horse or a share in it. Thats what this trainer did, he convinced some friends to purchase the horse so he could train him and hopefully have some success for everyone concerned.

The trainer discovered that the horse did his best when allowed to race out in front, so thats what he did. The horse went to the front in all of his races and left it to the rest to catch him. Sometimes he held on, sometimes he didn’t. It is a tough way to race, it knocks horses around. The horse was very successful, he won around 20 races and over a million dollars. Every one was very happy, the owners told everyone what great horsemen they were, because everyone knows, if you own a horse you are a horseman, and if he wins a race you are a good horseman.

The horse raced until he was 8—thats pretty old for a racehorse, the average retirement age is about 3. The horse had done his bit. Eventually the hard work of being a front runner for so long caught up with him. After winning big races in the city he finished last in a country race. The trainer said “thats it he has had enough, he has looked after us, now we should look after him, its time to retire”.


The owners didn’t agree, they still hadn’t won the big race they wanted to win. They told the trainer they wanted him to race on, the trainer said “he can’t, based on his last race, there was something wrong with him”. The owners had a vet look over the horse, his joints were fine, the vet said he could see no reason why the horse couldn’t continue to race. The trainer stuck to his guns, he wouldn’t train the horse “I don’t understand” said the owner “its only a race horse and not the best in the world either”. The owners took the horse to another trainer. Aware that the horse may have had a heart or breathing problem, the original trainer was very disappointed, he unfriended the owners never to deal with them again. Only time would tell the fate of this wonderful horse, we could only wish for the fate of the owners. NOT THE END!!!

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