For those who keep telling me I should write a book ! “Horses from courses” re training a horse off the track.


Every year thousands of thoroughbred ex race horses, often referred to as OTTB, (off the track thoroughbreds) retire from the racing industry, their future uncertain. Many well-meaning horse enthusiasts seek to take these horses and retrain them for sport and recreational purposes. This book takes the accumulated experience and knowledge of horse trainer Scott Brodie—manager of the New South Wales Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust, re-trainer of hundreds of ex racehorses—and allows the novice trainer to tap into this valuable source of information previously unattainable for the average horse enthusiast. The book is available in E book format from Apple I books and Amazon for under $10 


Scott Brodie is Manager of the Racing NSW Thoroughbred Retraining Program. A NSW Mounted Police horse trainer and classically trained rider, Scott has a unique spin on the retraining of retired racehorses. Utilising a surprisingly smooth synergy of natural horsemanship and the practical application of classical dressage, Scott’s systematic approach to this often difficult and dangerous endeavour ensures the smoothest and fairest transition for the horse from racing machine to a pleasurable riding partner. 
A qualified Instructor with the Equestrian Federation of Australia, Scott has trained under many Olympians and world class instructors. He has competed to Advanced level in eventing and has schooled horses from break-in to the Grand Prix movements in dressage. Scott is an advocate and accomplished practitioner of ‘Natural Horsemanship’ techniques.
As a serving Mounted Police Officer, Scott was selected to represent Australia in the Royal Pageant of the Horse, at Windsor Castle for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. He won numerous police horse events at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and was presented the prestigious “Silver Spurs Award” for outstanding horsemanship and service to the NSW Police Force by the Police Commissioner. Scott was also the recipient of a Bravery Citation for incidents that occurred in 1999. Scott is currently a contract horse trainer and instructor with the NSW Mounted police, implementing his training system for the education of police re mounts.
As Thoroughbred Retraining Manager with Racing NSW, Scott has appeared on television and printed media as spokesperson for the program and held demonstrations statewide. He mentors a first class team of horse trainers who implement the program on a daily basis, as well as supervising the training of corrective services staff and inmates involved in the program. Scott is also the facilitator of a program of equine assisted therapy for returned service personal recovering from Post traumatic stress disorder. He has personally overseen the retraining and rehoming of hundreds of ex race horses

Scott Brodie is far more than an outstanding horseman. He has dedicated his life to coaching not just in many sports but for many people in life skills

Scott has been attending the St Heliers Correctional Centre for numerous years, working with inmates including some violent offenders, and coaching them in horsemanship skills. Many of these inmates have never had role models in their lives and look to Scott’s mentorship as an opportunity to help them become better people and productive members of society. The skills in horsemanship taught by Scott transfer into life skills as the men learn empathy, commitment, control, and communication skills.
The training system utilised and designed by Scott is easily passed onto inmates and returned service personnel suffering from post traumatic stress disorder ,who Scott also works with, some of whom have had very little to no horse involvement previously.
Some of the skills taught in Scott’s training system relate to day-to-day life skills include reading body language, utilising body language as a means of communication, problem solving, patience, and calm decision making. The transformation from hardened, career criminals or damaged service personnel into caring and responsible community members with focus and direction is amazing and the recidivism levels of inmates completing the program is zero.
The experienced gained though all of the previously mentioned fields along with a 30 year history as a coach and mentor have given Scott a great insight into how horses can improve lives.

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