Big ride for big Alex( wanted one pair of size 15 riding boots)

So big Alex is one of the clients out at Cana farm he has the biggest most friendly smile you have ever seen” Alex is a big polineasian lad at a guess 6 foot 5 and about 160 kilograms. Alex has been helping out at the Thoroughbred drehabilitation trust, feeding horses brushing and generally following the staff around asking “why?” Alex did a little bit of join up with one of the TRT horses and I considered putting him up on one but at his size, a thoroughbred wasn’t quite the right horse for the job. I enquired of some good friends who breed shire horses and they kindly gave us Elizabeth. Elizabeth won at Sydney royal in her breed class 4 times, a four time supreme shire exhibit. And now in retirement just a lovely old friends girl. Elizabeth will live out her days well cared for at Cana farm.


                                                    Dont worry big fella we will help you


                                  Mounting with the help of myself, Simone and Elizabeth 


                                                                     Its ok mate just relax


Simone holding hands, apparently her dad the dentist reckoned it worked for nervous patients


                                                   Now to convince Elizabeth it’s a good idea 


                                                      And away we go 

image image image image image

                      Wanted one pair of size 15 men’s riding boots. 

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